Cage-Free Play + Socialization for your Dog

House of Woof offers our daycare guests supervised play in our indoor and outdoor play areas. Dogs are selected to daycare areas based on their size, temperament and play style to the maximize the experience for all guests. Our daycare areas are equipped with custom dog-friendly playground equipment, indoor camera access for parents, air conditioning, and staff supervising. Follow us on Instagram! You’ll probably see your dog running around!

Benefits of Daycare


From the meek maltese
to graceful golden retriever,
our puppies descend from wolves: natural pack animals. Constant interaction satisfies their desire
for play and gives them the
confidence to approach
situations appropriately


Letting dogs go free rein
in the home tempts disaster,
whether it be torn electric cords
or access to forbidden foods, something the eye
of a staff member
can easily avoid


As creatures of habit, dogs
feel most secure when they can
predict what’s coming next and
excited when there’s something
to look forward to. Signing them
up for premium care gives them
the structure needed to
enjoy life


Even if your dog seems
content with staring out the
window till you come home, a monotonous, sedentary lifestyle can cause him to act out in dangerous ways. Daycares function similarly to
a relaxing vacation, replacing
any boredom with


From high energy play to
cuddles with staff, daycare
is a one-stop dog shop that
caters to a dog’s every
desire without requiring
you to shuttle them
from place to place


Most importantly, daycare
provide a safe space to express
doggy behavior, reducing
restlessness and sure to leave
your pup relaxed and ready to
snuggle when you get home

How to Participate in Cage-Free Daycare at House of Woof

Screening Process: Just like humans, not all dogs are good socially with other dogs. Before any dog can part-take in play in our cage-free space, they must

1) Pass our House of Woof evaluation, where we evaluate the dogs based on:

  • Human Interaction (e.g., meeting handling, obedience)
  • Dog Greetings (e.g., body posture, excitement / anxiety)
  • Open Play Behavior (e.g., play style, stress level)

2) Be spayed or neutered between 6-7 months

3) Be fully vaccinated and meet our other requirements (see requirements)

If your dog isn’t suitable for cage-free play with other dogs, that’s more than okay! Please check out our doggie suites which comes with camera access for parents, and private outdoor playtime 3 times a day with a staff member.

What to Expect After Your First Day in Daycare?

Just as our first days of school can be overwhelming, so can your pups at daycare. Not to fear! The constant play and fun can make some guests tired and thirsty, while others only drink their fill and will urinate more frequently at home. Over time, their drink and rest behavior will even out to get the absolute most out of our daycare. Remember, the more they participate, they more likely they will be to assimilate.

Why House of Woof

  • Our team is trained to understand all types of dog behavior and play, and pet first aid
  • We offer live webcams to allow check ins from any mobile or computer
  • All dogs are pre-screened for behavior and vaccinations, so you have peace of mind knowing your dog is in safe care
  • We are dog people! Our dogs will be part of the pack playing in daycare with your dogs!

​​Get social with us!